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With previous professional experience as a research scientist and later with two Wall Street firms, Dr. Ervolino has gained knowledge from these experiences that places him in a unique position to understand the natural products industry along many different avenues that are crucial to success in the natural products segment. It is one thing to design a product and another to help with sales and marketing.
Do you need a sales and marketing infrastructure?
Do you need to get to the next level with internet advertising?
Do you need media and web content? Someone to help you achieve maximum effectiveness at trade shows?
Do you want someone to look at your company from a strategic basis and give you ideas to improve it?

Dr. Ervolino has doe all this for other companies and can do this on an individual project basis or as part of a larger ongoing relationship agreement.

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Dr. Frank Ervolino graduated from the prestigious Bastyr University in 1995 with a degree in Naturopathic medicine. During this time he not only studied Western herbal medicine, but studied the supplement industry formulation and manufacturing from Dr. Buck Levin, Ph. D. and the traditional use of herbs by the native tribes of the Pacific Northwest. Read More

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